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Archt. Barbara Jakubas (Architecture Studio BAULAND) has been carrying out projects continuously since 1991, delivering multi-sector projects in all types of construction investments. The experience she gained over many years of practice allows her to propose optimal design solutions that combine functionality and aesthetics simultaneously taking into account economic aspects.

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Our Offer

Architectural Concepts

Preliminary assessment (after the purchase of land) determining: functional solutions, the scope of industry design solutions: water, sewerage, gas, electricity, vehicle entry, network conflicts, assessing technical conditions for connecting to the grid.

Architectural Analyzes

Prior to the purchase of land, by carrying out an architectural analysis, we can determine the approximate parameters of the planned investment, such as: gross covered area, usable area, number of storeys, building’s height, access to technical infrastructure, spacial logistics system, the number of required parking spaces, required formalities.

Construction Projects (PB)

Projects required to obtain a construction permit including approval by health and safety experts, fire protection services, sanitary services in accordance with safety and health (BIOZ) information, energy performance standards, or Natura 2000.

Implementation Projects (PW)

Projects for contractors prepared on the basis of construction projects (PB), PW architecture projects, PW Light housing projects (hall housing).

Area Development Projects (PZT)

Projects developed for assembly of ready-made elements, e.g. assembly of playground facilities.

Adaptations of finished projects

A purchased ready-made house has to be adapted, which is a condition for obtaining a construction permit. As part of the adaptation of a ready-made project, we provide: advice on choosing the right design plan, on-site inspection of the investor's plot, changes made with the use of computer software, 5 copies of the design plan with changes suitable for discussions with contractors, design plan with changes in * .pdf format, guidance on all formalities necessary to obtain a building permit, current information on the progress of works related to the project. Additionally, we can offer: a map for design purposes, grid connection plans, geotechnical tests.

Obtaining documents for a building permit

With the current legal status, official formalities are very complex and settling them is a big waste of time for an Investor. We offer to sort out permits and documents: technical conditions for connection of utilities: gas, water, sewerage, electricity, technical information regarding the removal of collisions with the existing utilities, decultivation, decision on planning permission (for areas without urban development plans), exemption from local development plan (for areas with valid urban development plan), statement on the conditions for connection to land roads, arrangements of project planning, (the route of utilities - connections and networks), agreement of the Monument Conservator (historic objects and entered into the relevant records), exemptions from the prohibition of the Water Regulations (objects at a distance of less than 50m from watercourses), other arrangements required by Architecture for investments, obtaining - a construction permit.

Serviced Area

For individual clients - the City of Kraków, Kraków District
For industry clients - Southern Poland


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